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Genesys Source Framework
On-premises and DIY Cross-platform Framework
Genesys Cloud Dev Environment
Azure Cloud Web, SQL and Dev Machine

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Genesys Source Framework
Genesys Cloud Dev Environment
STARTING UNDER $99 usd/mo.
On-Premises X
In-Cloud X
No Subscription for Do-it-Yourself X
Subscription for Cloud Dev Environments X
Available as Zip Download X
Available in Visual Studio Marketplace X
Available in Azure Marketplace X
Provisions to your Azure Cloud Portal X
Pre-setup and Ready-to-Run X X
Current .NET and SQL Tech X X
100% strongly-typed stack from data to app X X
CRUD-to-SQL and CRUD-to-Services X X
.NET software stack plumbing completed X X
Server Infrastructure plumbing completed X X
Includes all 3 Hyper-V Virtual Machines needed to start your project immediately!
  • Windows Server 2016 + IIS Web Server w/ MVC site, Web API service and Public IP
  • Windows Server 2016 + SQL Server 2016 w/ starter database
  • Visual Studio 2017 Dev Machine w/ Source Code pre-installed and GitHub ready
Includes all .NET Projects needed to start your project immediately!
  • Database project holds tables, SPs, views
  • Models to bind to MVC, UWP, Xamarin
  • Data Access Objects via Entity Framework
  • MVC, Web API, WPF and Universal Apps
Reusable business objects X X
Cross-platform business Objects X X
Self-serializing Business Objects X X
Self-validating Business Objects X X
Self-tracking Business Objects X X
MVC and Web API projects ready to publish to IIS web server X X
SSDT database project ready to publish to SQL server X X
Connected to GitHub for latest versions X X
Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2017 X X
.NET Standard, .NET Core X X
.NET 4.6, 4.7 X X
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) X X
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) X X
Xamarin .NET Android, iOS X X
ASP.NET Web Forms X X
WCF Web Services, XML Web Services X X
Win Forms, Windows Service, Console Apps X X
Entity Framework X X
SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) X X
Open-source X X
Ticket, Forums, Q&A, Community Support Unlimited Unlimited
SLA (guaranteed response time) 3 business days 1 business day
Dedicated technical account manager Included
Technical kick off session w/ engineer Included
Email support direct to techies 1 incident Unlimited
Code troubleshooting Extra cost Extra cost
Professional services Extra cost Extra cost
STARTING UNDER $99 usd/mo.
Save time and money with the Genesys Cloud Dev Environment
STARTING UNDER $99 usd/mo.
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Our Developer Commitment

We at Genesys Source believe coders should be doing what they love...coding.

Dev tools are often needlessly cumbersome and time-consuming. Genesys Source is on a mission to give you the best developer experience possible that is:

Easy to understand

Easy to download and use

Works first time, every time

Genesys Framework is a .NET solution with pre-setup projects for:

MVC  | Web API  | WPF  | Universal

Our products are available through:

Unit-test projects catch bugs as early as possible.

Iterative cycles to prioritize issues important to you.

Open-source transparency.

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